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BRITA-in-PuBs project is a Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign Partner

General Overview

Description of the renovation and its purpose

Having in mind that the building is in use more than thirty years, it is suggested the following: to correct the operation of renovated thermal unit and complement a part of its automatics, still better effect should be reached. Reduction of glazed areas with the warmed up shields, renovation of facades as well as change of current windows will have a very important impact on energy saving. Besides, with partial renovation of illumination and electrical engineering it is also unavoidable that people working inside the building get interrupted. The efficiency level of the main VGTU building's refurbishment depends on a great many of factors, including: cost of refurbishment, annual fuel economy after refurbishment, tentative pay-back time, harmfulness to health of the materials used, aesthetics, maintenance properties, functionality, comfort, sound insulation and longevity, etc. Solutions of an alternative character allow for a more rational and realistic assessment of economic, ecological, legislative, climatic, social conditions, traditions and for better satisfaction of architectural, comfort, functional, maintenance and other customer requirements. They also enable one to cut down on refurbishment costs. The developed Multiple Criteria Decision Support System for Building Refurbishment will allow to assess alternative designs of the main VGTU building's refurbishment, multiple criteria analysis and make the selection of the most efficient versions, etc.

Status up to today

The analysis of decision-making models and methods for building renovation was performed. The Method of Multivariant Design and Multiple Criteria Analysis of a Building Refurbishment has been developed. The draft version of the system Decision Support System for Building Refurbishment and Facilities Management has been created on the ground of the above mentioned method. The practical example was solved according to the method and the system developed. All current windows having old construction have been changed to the new plastic windows.


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