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BRITA in PuBs project is a Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign Partner

9 countries from 4 European regions:

North: Norway, Finland, Denmark
Central: UK, Germany
South: Italy, Greece
East: Czech Republic, Lithuania

Country Institution and representative Website 

Fraunhofer Institute of Building Physics
Hans Erhorn
Heike Kluttig

City of Stuttgart
Jürgen Görres

Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
Markus Kratz
Sabine Wagener

IT Power
Jonathan Bates

Plymouth College of Further Education
David Percival

SINTEF Civil a. Environmental Engineering
Karin Buvik

Asker Community
Jan Rolland

Hol Church Council
Astri Tingstad

Norwegian Building Research Institute
Kari Thunshelle

SunLab Network - Siv.
Ark.H.N.Røstvik AS
Harald N. Røstvik

Cenergia Energy Consultants
Ove Mørck

Københavns Kommune
Bent Tildestrup

Danish Building Research Institute (SBi)
Kirsten Engelund Thomsen

J.Saarima, T.Kaup-pinen

Marco Citterio

Politecnico di Milano
Federico Butera,
Simone Ferrari

Garboli-Conicos S.p.A.
Francesco Berichelli

Università degli Studi Palermo,Dept.DREAM
Marco Beccali

National Technical University of Athens
Euphrosyne Triantis

EuDiti - Energy and Environmental Design
Eva Athanassakos

Evonymos Ecological Library
Moissis Kourouzidis

Brno University of Technology
Miroslav Jicha

Vilnium Gediminas Technical University
Arturas Kaklauskas


Latest news

Goals reached in highly innovative low energy community centre in Borgen, Norway

The renovation of Borgen Community Centre has been completed. The goal was to reduce energy consumption by 50% or better. The goal has been reached by a number if innovative low-energy building technologies covering additional insulation, a natural hybrid ventilation system with inlet towers and underground culverts and heat pump heating.

Prefab slab buildings renovation Experience

Cost-effective heating energy savings on prefabricated slab buildings is an issue of great importance due to the large number of this type of buildings that exist in Europe and now are in need for renovation. Considerable savings have been realised within the promoter program: "Energy Redevelopment EnSan" in which modernisation concepts using innovative materials and technologies have been developed and demonstrated.

2 Wind Turbines on BRITA in PuBs Demonstration Buildings

2 wind turbines partly funded by BRITA in PuBs.project have been installed on the Innovation Centre building of Plymouth College of Further Education, situated in the South West of the UK. The wind turbines are mounted directly on the building. The projected output for both amounts to 33800 KWh/pa.

First BRITA in PuBs Reports available soon

The BRITA in PuBs partners are pleased to announce that the first public results of the project will be publicly available soon. The reports, all of them due after the 18th project month, will be offered for download on the project website ( The documents are:
- Communication Guide
- Overview on international Financial Schemes
- Report on the Concept Development of the Demonstration Buildings
- Proceedings of the 1st Common Eco-buildings Symposium that will take place in Berlin, 22-23 November 2005

New culture centre showing 50% energy savings inaugurated in Valby, Copenhagen

On September 3, 2005 Provehallen was inaugurated – a new (completely renovated - retrofitted) sports- and culture centre in Valby, Copenhagen. The predicted heating and electricity consumption will be about half of what they would have been if the energy saving measures introduced by the BRITA-in-PuBs project had not been carried out. The energy saving was reached by a combination of innovative technologies.

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