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BRITA-in-PuBs project is a Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign Partner

General Overview

Description of the renovation and its purpose

The building, Proevehallen ("The test hall") was together with the building, Ovnhallen, right next to it, part of an industrial complex - a porcelain fabric. In Ovnhallen the porcelain was manufactured and in Proevehallen porcelain-isolators for the high voltage electricity distribution lines were tested. Proevehallen is an old open hall building constructed in 1930'ies in 1 floor. The purpose of the project is to renovate Prøvehallen and thereby turn it into a cultural centre with sports facilities such as a climbing wall, sports hall, etc. This renovation will be realised in connection with the renovation of the building next to it, Ovnhallen, which will be converted into a school. There will be a lot of attention around the refurbishment of these two buildings as it is happening in an old industrial part of Copenhagen, that now will be completely reshaped, modernised and made into a new neighbourhood with its own identity.

Status up to today

Most of the renovation has been completed and Prøvehallen has already hosted cultural events and function as a sport centre. On the technical side the heat pump is now being installed for the PV-T plant and the major PV panel on the gable is due to questions of the artistic dimension not yet installed.


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