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BRITA-in-PuBs project is a Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign Partner



Design work has been comleted in September 2005.

The design of the monitoring system has been an integrated part of the BEMS design and has been ongoing. (December 2004)


The monitoring system has in principle been installed with the BEMS system. Monitoring devices for temperature and humidity is also installed.
(December 2006)


Monitoring has started in September 2005.

Almost a year the monitoring has now been ongoing. The result is very satisfying as the target has been reached.(December 2006)

The yearly energy consumption for heating was predicted to become 114.080 kWh/m2. Results so far show that building performs to expectations as the monitoring results show an energy use of 114.717 kWh/m2, which is only about 0,5 % from the predicted result (see figure in facts box to the right).

Reaching a low-energy standard requires additional investments due to the extra insulation, efficient ventilation systems and other energy saving measures. Predicted energy savings justifies the additional savings at the design stage. This has also been the case for Proevehallen as for all the BRITA in PuB demonstration projects. Therefore the verification of the predictions by the measured results are really important as it adds to the confidence in energy saving measures encouraging other building owners to do likewise - invest in energy savings up front and get a reasonable pay-back afterwards.

PLC 's for the heat-pump control and monitoring installed (March 2007)


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