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BRITA in PuBs project is a Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign Partner

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Hauptvortrag zu den Projektergebnissen aus BRITA in PuBs beim 1. ECO-BUILD Cluster-Workshop

Datum 2008-09-29 14:52 

Am 28. Mai 2008 fand in Brüssel der erste Workshop "Innovative Konzepte und Technologien im Bauwesen" statt, organisiert vom neu eingerichteten ECO-BUILD-Projekt "Cluster", an dem 3 unterstützende Projekte teilnehmen.
Der Projekt-Koordinator von BRITA in PuBs war eingeladen worden, bei dieser Veranstaltung den Hauptvortrag zum Thema "Ergebnisse aus dem Projekt BRITA in PuBs" zu halten. Fast 100 Workshopteilnehmer äußerten ihr Interesse an den Projektergebnissen sowie ihre Absicht, die im Rahmen dieses Projekts entwickelten Instrumente und Forschungsergebnisse (die kostenlos von der Website heruntergeladen werden können) auch zu nutzen.

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Latest news

A European Lighthouse Project with ongoing Public Interest

The final remarks of the project coordinators summarise the various project results including the achieved energy savings at the retrofitted demonstration buildings and the tools and training material developed and the reports and guidelines written during the project phase. A high public interest could be gained on the website and due to articles in journals, tv footages and presentations at conferences.

BRITA in PuBs broadcasted on several TV stations

During the project phase of BRITA in Pubs 4 videos have been made mostly on the demonstration buildings. Besides the wind turbines on the roof of the City College in Plymouth, the Norwegian case studies Borgen Community Centre and the Church in Hol have been the focus of tv documentations on energy efficient retrofits.

Keynote lecture on BRITA in PuBs results at the first ECO-Build Cluster workshop

The 28th of May 2008 the new formed ECO-BUILD Project Cluster from 3 supporting projects organized a workshop in Brussels entitled "Innovative concepts and technologies in the building sector".

Hol church in focus: The successfully retrofitted listed building from 1920 video shot for television broadcasting!

The first one year monitoring result for Hol Church is now available. The result has been anticipated with great interest since a listed building is involved. The challenge has been: What can you do when antiquarian authorities refuses to grant permission to do anything at all?

The BRITA project results presented as Architectural Courses

Courses to train students of architecture in the fields covered by BRITA and the other Eco buildings projects SARA, Eco-culture and Demohouse are designed by the following BRITA partners: Hans Erhorn, Simone Ferrari, Karin Buvik, Euphrosyne Triantis and the Work Package leader Harald N. Røstvik.

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