Eco-Friendly Buildings and How They Are Constructed

an eco-friendly building (or ecological) has been built to be beneficial to the environment, or at least non-harmful.

These eco-friendly buildings are otherwise known as green buildings, the efficient construction type uses local and renewable materials, along with using extremely low energy to maintain the building and during its construction.

Eco-friendly building types were developed due to the fact that many buildings today can be extremely detrimental to the natural sources and the environment, such as the materials that have been used for the build and having to transport these materials many miles across land to the final construction site destination.

There are many ecological structures that are used now for the construction of buildings. Surveyors, architects, engineers and builders across the globe are now very conscious of the environmental damage throughout history, and with pressure from local environmental agencies, are now using eco-friendly construction techniques.

These eco-friendly construction techniques include using a rammed earth construction that uses the typical clay base material and then mixed with water. This mixture is then rammed into either a solid wall for or individual bricks.

Other techniques are utilised, more in hot and dry climates, such as using bales of straw as the main central structure which provides great insulation and is breathable material to pass air through the wall, and contrary to belief, when compressed is fire resistant.

Other methods use recycled car tires that are filled with earth and are used as the building’s walls

These eco-friendly construction techniques are seen as progression to reduce impact on our environment today.

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